8 November 2019 (Oslo, Norway) — This week, Spare - the mobility platform transforming transit worldwide - launched a new partnership with Ruter to power efficient, elderly transport services for the city of Oslo, Norway. This partnership builds on Spare's existing successful on-demand transit partnerships throughout Norway and further demonstrates Spare’s dedication to providing incredible transportation options for the elderly and disabled around the world.

"In the development of new mobility services, it is exciting to look at the opportunities that technology offers us," said Kristine Krebs, Leader of Mobility Services at Ruter. "Among other things, this will help us with operational optimization and deliver new, efficient and targeted customized mobility services to our customers."

The pink buses pick up residents within the service area and drive them to their desired destinations. Photo: Ruter

Elderly transportation has become a critical piece of Oslo's transit infrastructure and forms the backbone of new initiatives to build an age-friendly city. In May of 2014, the Oslo City Government became the first city in Norway to join the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities. But becoming a truly age-friendly city requires a great deal of cross-sectional support by various local stakeholders, including public and private service providers and the citizens of the city. While transportation is only one piece of the age-friendly city puzzle, access to efficient transportation options serves as a foundational part of daily life and can have a tremendous impact within the elderly community by promoting living at home for longer and a more active city life. By partnering with Spare, Ruter will be able to leverage Spare’s advanced scheduling and dispatch algorithms to expand on their existing transportation offerings and operate efficient, shared, on-demand mobility services at scale for the elderly community in the Oslo area.

“Fundamentally, an age-friendly city is an inclusive and accessible urban environment that promotes active and healthy aging,” said Kristoffer Vik Hansen, CEO of Spare. “As the number of elderly people in cities like Oslo increases, it is incredibly important for transit offerings and public services to adapt and provide resources for independent living. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Ruter to power an elderly transportation offering built for the future.”

Colloquially known as the “Pink Busses”, the Aldersvennlig Transport service is available to those who are 67 years of age and older and live within the designated service boundaries of Vestre Aker, Sagene, and Nordre Aker. Service operates Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm with walker and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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